Thinkers & Makers for food and healthy lifestyle

WHAT WE DO: create.value.interest

We RESEARCH the consumer insights. Learn which the strengths of your products are and how you can become a differential and meaningful brand. To give users real VALUE and solutions for their daily lives.

We help you ENVISION opportunities to capture the attention and interest of the audience that are hidden in consumer TRENDS.

We think up creative STRATEGIES and collaborate with your marketing, advertising and communication projects to make a brand matter.

We CREATE brand contents and design tools that truly INTEREST the people because they are useful and improve the wellness in their lives. As simple as that, but not easy. Utility is the ultimate user experience.

We share our UNDERSTANDING of the people’s passions about food and healthy behaviour with food organisations, FMCG teams and lifestyle organisations. May you be interested in organising a Workshop I’N’T?


Tel.: +34 93 000 02 22
email: hola at eatingschool dot es 

Cr. Balmes, 167 3-2 
08008 Barcelona

Barcelona is our base but our place is close to our partner, with whom we love to share our entrepreneur style and Mediterranean culture.

Almost 14 years leading food and health communication projects. We are the food and lifestyle game changer partner for dreamers, entrepreneur people who dare to challenge the status quo. We have the experience and we have the spirit!

Jump in and let us show you how interesting can your projects be for the real people.


Interestingness for people/brands/projects that dare to make the difference.

Know how. Connect us :)